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Mack's Bike Shack

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Your Local Bicycle Repair Services

With Pick-up and Delivery within the Tricities

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Bike Services

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Mini tune-up

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General tune-up

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Major tune-up


Additional Services


Bike painting and custom work

Additional Costs for pick-up and drop-off outside of the Tricities

$1 per KM driven

Due to the rise of gas, Pick up and delivery costs will be applied

Don't hesitate to ask for help, that's why I'm here!

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A bit about myself

Hello and welcome to my site, I'm just your friendly neighbourhood bike mechanic!

I'm an Ex-BMX racer, with a vast amount of knowledge regarding all types of bicycles!

If you're looking at upgrading to a bigger bike, or unsure of what type of style you want to get into, don't hesitate to ask me questions.


I do a variety of riding, downhill, Dirt jumping, BMX, Cross-country, trail, and road.

Here are some local bike parks and trails I ride

loutet website.png
Invergarry website.png
Delta website.png
burnaby skills website.png

Loutet Bike park

North Vancouver, BC

Invergarry Bike Park

Surrey, BC

Delta Watershed

Delta, BC

Burnaby Skills Park

Burnaby, BC

penzer website.png
Garden city website.png
airred website.png

Penzer Bike park

Langley, BC

Garden City Bike Park

Richmond, BC


Maple Ridge, BC

Air Rec Center

Maple Ridge, BC

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